Ester C.’ornucopia is a treasure chest containing meticulously hand-picked delightful, elegant and timeless pieces. It is an online boutique featuring the finest designer handbags, clothing, accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, children’s clothing, objects for interior decoration … and a blog sharing Ester C.’s various discoveries throughout her encounters and travels.


We are happy to offer this collection of highly coveted and carefully selected merchandise, all sourced from the highest-quality brands and artisans. 

The other service we provide, increasing number of women making their own items available to us on consignment.If you are among those who want to give a "second chance "to your wardrobe, contact us by e-mail.


Donations: Please note that 10% of all sales are donated to Orphanages and Widows.

Photo credit: Merve Hasman Salvatori

Who is Ester C.?

Ester C. is an Interior Architect with a keen eye for detail and with a love for the classic and timeless in her collections. But also, in parallel, she is set on an endless course in her pursuit of newly-developed products of excellence.

Educated in Istanbul, New York and Paris, Ester has worked on numerous highly inspirational interior-design projects which include five-star hotels, houses, religious temples, and the staging of wedding decorations. It is her love for and knowledge of natural and fine fabrics, her travels, and her ceaseless collecting of fine works of art and clothing that have inspired her to share her selections at Ester C.’ornucopia.

 In her approach to clothing and accessories, one finds the same high ideals that inspire by a particular style of living… Ester C'ornucopia celebrates desirable, fragile yet assured, with real inner strength woman. From her endless pursuit and desire to unite opposing, complementary forces in every medium… to create a highly desired, symmetrical and harmonious balance -- was born Ester C.'s Collection and the Ester C.'ornucopia.